Saturday, July 24, 2010


Nothing but love for these weirdos...

Friday, July 23, 2010

My camera is broken. Not such a good thing for a blog about making art.

Anyway, I read this today. It is an interview with a woman who has been reporting in the middle east for the last 6 years. It was perhaps particularly interesting to me because of my recent visit to some of the countries discussed. Also interesting because my experiences in these places are much different than hers. Granted, I was a tourist, not a reporter digging for governmental scandal and secrets.... She just wrote a book about her experiences, I'd bet it's pretty interesting.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Can't Help Myself...


The most handsome beast I have ever seen!

Me + Chrissie

Something I think about often in life and in terms of conceptual art making is names, and how they affect people's lives. How does the name you have affect, limit, or influence your life? Would I be the same person if my name was different? I would say I'm slightly obsessed. I'm also slightly obsessed with birthdays for similar reasons. Chrissie Hynde has the same name (Christine!) and the same birthday as me, so I feel like we must have some sort of connection, or at least a lot of similarities. I can't decide if the fact that neither of us go by Christine strengthens or lessens the connection, but Christy and Chrissie are pretty close too, (Magic!). I'm not sure what kind of work could come out of this obsession, but I have a feeling it's the beginning of something.

And now, a Pretenders song! This one is kind of a guilty pleasure, try not to weep!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Like What I Know

I have some new work in this group show taking place at The Whitehouse next weekend. There will be beautiful people and lots of beer I'm sure, all good reasons to stop in. Curated by the lovely Lyndsey Cope.

Artists showing are...
Derek Aubichon
Nadia Belerique
Emily Cook
Adam Cowan
Laura Curley
Greg Denton
Julia Dickens
Cameron George Lee
Jen Hutton
Christy Kunitzky
Jonathan Mayhew
Nitasha McKnight
Vanessa Bee Rieger
Liana Schmidt
Rebecca Fin Simonetti
Ceilidh Stidwill
Xenia Benivolski
Krista Buecking
Liz Knox
Jesse Harris
Amanda Rataj

See you there!